Thursday, 20 July 2017

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Top Facts

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rose to fame while being a wrestler at the WWE. He then became a box-office star appearing in films like The Scorpion King, Hercules and The Fast and Furious series. Let's look at some interesting facts about Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson was expected to play Johnny Bravo in a movie based on the cartoon character Johnny Bravo.

Dwayne became an ordained minister in 2015 to surprise a big fan of his by officiating at his wedding.

He comes from a Samoan family that includes over 16 professional wrestlers.

Dwayne Johnson consumes about 820 pounds of cod fish per year as part of his diet.

Fred Flintstone was replaced on 4 million Fruity Pebbles cereal boxes because The Rock Dwayne Johnson called him a “Fruity Pebbles” eater while they were ring side.

The Rock was the first person to announce Osama bin Laden’s death on Twitter.

Dwayne’s beard in the movie Hercules was made of yak testicle hair.

Hugh Jackman contacted Dwayne Johnson for advice to bulk up for the Wolverine film.

The production team of Avatar: The Last Airbender tried to get Dwayne Johnson to voice The Boulder, but to no avail.

In 1991, Dwayne Johnson won a NCAA football championship with the University of Miami.

Dwayne was on Star Trek: Voyager as an alien who fought Seven of Nine in “Tsunkatse”.

Dwayne Johnson played his own father in an episode of That 70’s Show.

The Rock adapted the phrase ‘candy ass’ from the head coach at Mississippi who was one of his football coaches.

Tommy Lee Jones was supposed to star as Luke Hobbs in Fast 5 but decided to go with The Rock as fans wanted to see a fight between The Rock and Vin Diesel on screen.

Dwayne Johnson accidentally knocked out Michael Clarke Duncan while filming a fight scene in The Scorpion King Movie.

Dwayne Johnson paid for the film school tuition of Muthana Mohmed, the film-student in the MTV documentary True Life: I’m Living in Iraq.

Back in 2000, Dwayne Johnson was number 1 on New York Times best seller list.

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