Friday, 7 April 2017

London Interesting Facts

In 1908 the Russian Olympic team arrived 12 days late in London as they did not start using the Gregorian calendar.

There are about 20 hidden rivers underneath London.

At the Port of London, by law, Royal Navy ships are still required to give a barrel of rum to the Constable of the Tower.

A German by the name of Rudolf Walter Richard was the last prisoner of both the Tower of London in England and the Spandau Prison in Germany.

In Berlin and London, a sports called Chess Boxing is growing popular. Players play a round of chess and a round of boxing until one is declared the winner either by KO, checkmate or technical stoppage.

During the 1700s about 20% of all women in London were prostitutes.

The Zion logo for the London 2012 Olympics costed 400 000 pounds. The public said, “it resembles the Simpsons cartoon character, Lisa Simpson performing fellatio.”

The Big Ben in London is not a tower but the name of the bell inside the tower. The tower is called The Elizabeth Tower.

During the 18th century in London, the Bedlam asylum was one of the most popular tourist attractions. Visitors would pay a penny to watch suffering inmates while entry was free on Tuesdays.

The Times New Roman typeface was invented in London in 1931.

The New York Police Department is also operational in London.

The 2012 Olympics in London had the biggest military buildup since World War 2.

In London, there is a rain room that makes rain fall everywhere in the room except for the spot that you are standing on.

The statue of George Washington in London sits on imported soil from the USA as he stated: “he would never set foot on English soil ever again.”

To get a taxi license in London you have to learn the book called “The Knowledge” which takes 2 to 4 years to memorize. You have to prove that you know every landmark and street in London.

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