Friday, 3 February 2017

Foods Top Facts

Want to know more about foods? Let's look at some interesting facts about different foods:

A Cucumber is one of the most hydrating foods to eat and consists of 96 percent water.

Honey enters the blood stream in less than twenty minutes because honey has already been digested by the bee.

Eating a lot of onions can make you feel sleepy.

Eating bananas can help fight depression.

The "Ice Cream" in ice cream ads is often mashed potatoes.

Eating chocolate before studying increases your chances of understanding any piece of information.

The tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable.

Popular carrots used to be purple.

There are more than 7000 different types of apples in the world.

Chocolate was once used as currency.

The shell of an egg is also edible and high in calcium.

Potatoes absorb wi-fi signals and are used to test Internet signals on Airplanes.

Ketchup was sold in 1830 as medicine.

Swallowing one teaspoon of sugar can cure hiccups.

Pearls melt in vinegar.

The fear of vegetables is called Lachanophobia.

Honeybees must visit almost 2 million flowers to produce one pound of honey.

The word onion is Latin for ‘large pearl’.

Lettuce is the second most popular vegetable in the United States.

Apples, cherries, strawberries and pears are all members of the rose family.

Ripe cranberries can bounce like a rubber ball.

There are more than 10 000 varieties of tomatoes.

Carrots have zero fat contents.

Peanuts can be used to make dynamite.

Over 92 percent of a watermelon’s weight consists of water.

Pumpkin flowers are edible.

A pineapple plant only produces one pineapple per year.

Peaches are the third most popular fruit grown in America.

Caramel was invented by the Arabs.

Chocolate can kill dogs as it directly affects their heart and nervous system.

The Swiss and English eat the most chocolate.

Egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D.

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