Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Olympic Games Top Facts

The Olympic Games used to be celebrated as a religious festival between 770 B.C and 390 B.C and was banned as it was a pagan festival. The Frenchman Baron Pierre de Coubertin revived the tradition and thus started the modern Olympic Games.

France was the very first country to host the Winter Olympic Games.

In 1986 Greece hosted the Olympics and won a total of 47 medals as well.

Norway is the country that won the most medals at the Winter Olympic Games.

The US won a total of 2189 medals at the Summer Games which is the most any country ever won at the tournament in total.

In 1960 was the first televised Summer Games hosted in Rome.

The five rings of the Olympics logo represents the five major regions Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceana.

The Winter Olympics was never hosted by a country in the Southern Hemisphere.

Africa and South America never hosted an Olympics.

In Athens a record of 202 countries participated in the Summer Olympic Games.

Eddie Eagan (US), Jacob Tullin Thams (Norway), Christa Luding-Rothenburger (Germany) and Clara Hughes are the only athletes to have won medals at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

The prize in Ancient Olympics used to be an olive branch wreath.
The only countries that had representatives at every Olympics are Greece, France, Switzerland and Britain.

The United States hosted the Summer Olympic Games more than any other country in the world.

London is the only city to have hosted the Summer Olympics three times.

Melbournes (Australia) was the first city in the southern hemisphere to have hosted the Olympic Games.

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